Output Snipcart-specific HTML elements like a product button or the total number of items in the cart.

Buy Button

This tag creates a Snipcart product buy button with all the data-item-* attributes according to the product's content. This is arguably the most important tag as it does all the heavy lifting for you. Learn more about product attributes.
{{ snipcart:buy }}
The automatic generation of attributes only works inside a products collection loop. If you use the tag outside of the loop, you will have to manually define each attribute yourself.

Manually Defining Attributes

You can manually define any accepted attribute directly on the tag. You can also use this to override the values of automatically generated attributes.
{{ snipcart:buy id="{{ increment }}" name="{{ some_variable }}" }}

Customize Button

You can also fully customize your buy buttons with your own markup. Use this tag to get the product's data-attributes:
{{ snipcart:attributes }}
Don't forget to add the class snipcart-add-item to turn the element into a Snipcart product.

Cart Button

A Snipcart cart button.
{{ snipcart:cart }}

Button

A Snipcart sign-in button.
{{ snipcart:signin }}

Total Items

The total number of items in the cart.
{{ snipcart:items }}

Total Price

The total price of items in the cart.
{{ snipcart:price }}


There are a couple of parameters you may use on the tags.
Supported By
Add classes to the HTML element
buy cart signin items price
Override the default text
buy cart signin
Example: Add some classes to the cart button and override the default text.
{{ snipcart:cart class="p-2 bg-gray-100" text="Checkout" }}