There's a bunch of configuration options to tailor the addon to your needs.

Publish Config

To start customizing the config, you first need to publish it to config/snipcart.php using this command:

php please vendor:publish --tag=snipcart-config


Define the currency, length and weight unit for each site defined in config/statamic/sites.php. If you add or remove a site or change a value, you need to run the migration command to update the products collection and entries.

'sites' => [
'default' => [
'currency' => 'USD',
'length' => 'in',
'weight' => 'oz',

The sites need to be in sync with Statamic's sites config. Make sure to add a new key for each site defined in config/statamic/sites.php

Collections & Taxonomies

Define the handles of the products collection and taxonomies. If you change a value, you need to run the setup command to re-generate the collection, taxonomies, and blueprints.

'collections' => [
'products' => 'products',
'taxonomies' => [
'categories' => 'categories',
'taxes' => 'taxes',

Snipcart API Keys

Your Snipcart API Keys for the Live and Test Environment.

'live_key' => env('SNIPCART_LIVE_KEY'),
'test_key' => env('SNIPCART_TEST_KEY'),

Test Mode

Set this to false to start processing real transactions. You probably want to do this in production only.

'test_mode' => env('SNIPCART_TEST_MODE', true),

Snipcart Version

The Snipcart version you want to use.

'version' => '3.0.19',

Cart Behaviour

Set this to 'none' to prevent the cart from opening every time a product is added.

'behaviour' => null,

Cart Image

Define a Glide preset to be applied to the product image that shows in the cart. You may also turn the manipulation off by setting manipulation to false.

'image' => [
'manipulation' => true,
'preset' => ['w' => 240, 'q' => 75],