There are a couple of commands to help you with the setup of Snipcart for Statamic.


The setup command creates all the necessary collections, taxonomies, and blueprints to get you started. The command won't override existing collections, taxonomies, and blueprints.
php please snipcart:setup
You can restore the collections, taxonomies, and blueprints to their factory preset by adding the --force flag to the command. This will purge all the changes you may have made.
php please snipcart:setup --force
You need to run this command whenever you update your Sites or Collections & Taxonomies in your config.

Sync Sites

The sync-sites command syncs your Snipcart sites in with your Statamic sites.
php please snipcart:sync-sites
Run this command whenever you add or delete a Statamic site or change a site's handle.

Publish Assets

The config and translations are automatically merged and loaded. You can publish them using the following commands.


Publish the config to config/snipcart.php
php please vendor:publish --tag=snipcart-config


Publish the translations to resources/lang/vendor/snipcart
php please vendor:publish --tag=snipcart-translations