Getting Started

Snipcart for Statamic

Snipcart for Statamic makes the setup of your Snipcart shop on Statamic a breeze. Consult the official Snipcart documentation for more information about how to set up your shop.


    Simple setup of your Snipcart shop
    Fully-fledged product blueprint containing all possible Snipcart product attributes
    Antlers Tag to automatically create Snipcart product buttons
    Support for product custom fields to create product variants, text fields, checkboxes, and more
    Multi-Site support with configurable currency, length, and weight units per site


    Snipcart Account
    Statamic 3
    PHP >= 7.4


Snipcart for Statamic is commercial software but has an open-source codebase. If you want to use it in production, you'll need to buy a license from the Statamic Marketplace.
Snipcart for Statamic is NOT free software.


Developed by Michael Aerni
Last modified 7mo ago